Christmas Cheer

"The best way to spread Christmas cheer, is singing loud for all to hear."
- Buddy the Elf
{Elf, 2003}

As you may have read about here, Christmas cheer needed a little kick-start around our home. Enter... iPod playlist.

Point of Grace "A Christmas Story"
I picked this album up off the clearance rack at our local Christian bookstore MANY years ago. Having recently found the CD, I have been enjoying all the tracks once more this season.

Amy Grant, "Home for Christmas"
I am actually NOT an Amy Grant fan, but find I must make an exception for the Christmas albums. Just look- the cover has a beautiful white birch tree... it must be amazing!

Amy Grant "A Christmas to Remember"
Hearing the title track begin this album makes me happy every single time.

Amy Grant "A Christmas Album"
This is the album probably responsible for the massive over-representation of Amy Grant in my Christmas music selection. We had this on a record when I was small... visions of pink-nightgown-clad girls swirling around with their daddy are in my head each time I listen. (Besides, who could resist the fabulous Christmas sweater and ski sunglasses?)

Keith & Kristyn Getty "Joy- An Irish Christmas"
You should get this album... immediately. This is the best Christmas collection I have ever encountered. Instantly affection raising. Seriously, you need to visit their site right now to purchase it.

There you have it. The music Baby Girl and I danced to all day long as we endeavored to gain our Christmas spirit. Do share- what music puts you in the Christmas mood?