Sad Tidings

Last week we sojourned to Texas to participate in the marriage celebration of my brother-in-law, leaving our puppy to the careful care of my family. Upon our return, it was decided to make their house Piper's permanent dwelling due to our growing concern over his less-than-eager reception of Chloe into the family. While it is not yet a "done deal" and is probably the correct decision for the safety of our daughter... the truth remains I miss him.

I miss having him rush out the door each time we come home. I miss forgetting I left him outside only to find him sitting patiently on the front step (we could not get him to run away if we tried). I miss hearing the click of his toenails on the hardwood as he gets a drink in the middle of the night. I miss his hopefully expectant face waiting for a rawhide before bed each night, and his eager anticipation of messy droppings each time I begin to cook something in the kitchen. I know he is only an animal... but you do grow affectionate sharing the same roof for five years.

So... here's to you, Piper!