I really dislike football, but the Superbowl food lineup can be lots of fun! I have been wanting to try these for a few years, and a last minute party invite gave me the perfect opportunity.

I would have liked to serve them on a green tray... perhaps sporting Packer flags in tribute to Kyle's family.



A winter blizzard is headed our way. In keeping with the typical serious reaction of people in the Twin City area to a forecast of precipitation, the grocery stores have been plundered and Governor Quinn has even declared the entire state of Illinois a "weather disaster area".

With the cupboards fully stocked and the house locked up safe and warm, Piper and I watch the snowflakes gently fall outside the window. It is hard to believe this beautiful picture is supposed to evolve into a raging storm.

I intend to take advantage of the unexpected time off by working through the stack of books on my nightstand that have been patiently waiting to be read. I might even enjoy a nice cup of tea!