There are lots of things I'm pondering. Plenty of topics I'd love to write about. But there's this thing called life, and it seems to be taking all the energy I've got right now. Here's a snapshot of what our's looks like as of late.

  • Baby girl is nine months old. Everyone tells you it goes by so fast, but I had no framework for understanding what that actually means. 
  • We have this wonderful goal of completing our backyard patio, but the patchy grass and dirt view outside the window continues undisturbed. JULIE did come add an interesting rainbow of colored lines and mini-flags a few weeks ago...
  • Baby girl is mobile, at least in the scooting-rapidly-around-on-my tummy sense. She also grabs the edge of every flat surface with a pursed lip expression as she attempts to chin-up her way to a standing position. This means I have even less time for anything else than I had before.
  • Work. A miraculous blessing for our family. A constant source of emotional struggles as I wrestle with being a work-from-home-(mostly) mama. The topic of many late night marital discussions. And the consumer of all moments of free time (and a lot of moments that are not free) between now and the end of the school year.
  • Summer is coming! I've never actually been a huge fan of the season, but all that is changing this year! Time to read. Time off. Time to garden. Time for leisurely evening strolls. Time. 
  • Blessings. One unexpected after another. Sometimes hidden in unlikely places.