Healthful Habit 19/52

I know, I missed {more than} a few weeks between the last Healthful Habit post and this current one. I'll go back and document all that's happened very soon. But I simply had to share our small change for this week.

Since beginning to properly prepare our grains, the question of pasta has been ever present on our minds. We could willingly give it up completely, were it not for spaghetti. Our journey to replace those noodles led us into the realm of rice pasta, a place we found we'd rather not venture. While the Ezekiel pasta does unfortunately contain sprouted organic soybeans, it's readily available at our local health food store. That makes it a decent option for when we get those spaghetti cravings. I'd still like to experiment with spaghetti squash and spelt pasta noodles... right after I get done catching up on those negligent posts.