Healthful Habit 6/52

Healthful Habits is a way for our family to intentionally implement a more wholesome style of living one small step at a time. The process of executing these small changes over the course of a year enables them to become lifelong habits.

If at first you don't succeed... try, try again!

I quickly became intimidated when I began researching homemade mayonnaise. The world of traditional food blogs is riddled with horrific stories of gloppy messes masquerading as mayonnaise. And we're rather picky about our mayonnaise; nothing tastes quite like Hellmann's. All in all, it took a couple weeks of research to bolster my courage enough to give this condiment a go {running out of the above mentioned bottle assisted my decision}.

While not as difficult as I anticipated, making homemade mayonnaise falls under my classification of "slightly complicated". The reader comments on my recipe of choice were extremely helpful. Apparently, the old adage "third time's the charm" may have some meaning after all!

Warm blender bowl. Ingredients at room temperature. Oil dripped ever so slowly {agonizing}. Mayo emulsified perfectly. Use of peanut oil resulted in curious taste. 

Warm blender bowl. Ingredients at room temperature. Forgot to remove the egg whites. Mayo making abandoned.

Warm blender bowl. Ingredients at room temperature. Oil poured perfectly. Mayo produced! Use of sesame oil results in more appetizing taste.

I plan to make a new batch again soon, this time using part mild-tasting olive oil and part safflower oil.* My hope is that doing so will produce a slightly less intense flavor than that of the sesame oil mayonnaise.


Both sesame and safflower oil have a high omega-6 content. Since mayonnaise is pretty much the only item we eat that contains these oils we are comfortable with this compromise {in small quantities}.