Healthful Habits: Chipotle

We're big Chipotle fans at our house. While we recognize there are problems regarding the sometimes limited amount of locally grown food they are able to source along with the continued presence of GMO's in their menu offerings, we are so thankful for the steps they are taking to improve our choices as American consumers. The following commercial aired during the Grammy Awards {thus, Willie Nelson}. Since we don't have television, I was only recently able to enjoy this fabulous visual critique of the darker side of the modern food industry.

For more details regarding the influence of this commercial, check out the excellent post at Food Renegade. Here's hoping more opportunities arise for the mass marketing of real food choices!

UPDATE: My hubby pointed out that, while a very neat commercial, this depiction is not the authorial intent of Coldplay's original song. So enjoy the commercial AND the opportunity to critique the postmodern worldview.  :)