Technologically "Un"-Savvy

We were blessed to have recently purchased a new MacBook. Our trusty old 2003 could no longer handle the requirements of "newer" programs (like Word 2008 or iTunes version 9). I am one of the most inept people at handling technological devices (I still cannot successfully send a picture from my phone) so overall I have greatly appreciated the simplicity of Apple technology. I did have one complaint which I recently shared with Kyle.

Me: Every time I try to click on something, all these choices come up onto the screen. It's really frustrating when I don't want to cut or paste or copy... all I want to do is scroll down.

Kyle: I don't have that problem.

Me: Well I don't know how to fix it, but I can't keep using it this way.

Kyle (watching me attempt to click on a link): Um... you're clicking on the right side of the mouse pad.

Me: Oh...