From the Ends of the Earth...

As a part of my new position at school, I have the privilege of working with an exchange student from Japan. When first handed the schedule with this young woman on my class list, I inwardly balked.

"I don't know anything about teaching an ESL (English as a Second Language) student!"
"What will I say to a sixteen year old girl?"
"My knowledge of Japan is limited to Mulan and WWII!"
"How in the world am I going to begin to understand her college-level CCA textbooks?"

I have since come to realize that teaching this beautiful young woman has very little to do with my own knowledge or expertise. Sure, we work on English skills together. And indeed, I am gaining new insights into Japanese culture. And yes, I am tackling content material I myself did not pay heed to in high school.


I am mostly in the business of watching.

Watching her begin to understand the most basic elements of biblical history.

Watching as the truth of the gospel penetrates her mind.

Watching a young girl traverse the halls of a Christian school halfway around the world from her atheistic homeland.

Watching as our Sovereign God works to accomplish His purposes for His glory.

Will you pray?