A Pale, Yellowish-Green Thumb

Despite my unhappy attempts with several other houseplants who were sent off to the garden gods with a memorializing sigh, I am going to attempt the growth of something green in my home. Thus motivated, I have begun an herb garden!

Having decided that the unfortunate end of my other snapshots of nature was largely due to lack of direct sunlight in our energy-efficient, cleverly-built home, I invested in a grow-light for my birthday.

Thus far, my culinary herb collection consists only of rosemary, which I have carefully placed in perfectly blended soil just as my research indicated. Rocks at the bottom f
or good drainage... to prevent root rot. A misting bottle... to prevent underwatering. Placement near the light... to help growth. Placement far enough away from the light... to keep the leaves from being dried to a crisp. Perfect home temperature... to ensure healthy growth. At this point it occurs to me that I have known new pets that require less maintainence.

I am looking forward to picking out at least two more plants at our local farmer's market this week. Basil, mint, chives, and thyme have made the final cutting list.

Any suggestions for deepening the shade of green in my thumb would be greatly appreciated. Until that occurs... say a gardener's prayer for the lives of my unsuspecting new houseguests.